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Who Lost The War Between The Southern States and U.S. Government?

With all that has been going on in our country, I have been interested in the War Between The Southern States and U.S. Government off and on. It's not something that I hope happens again, but...

If I understand my history right, and I have been wrong before (once or twice, haha), the North did not defeat the South, the South defeated itself. Abraham Lincoln's main goal was not freeing the slaves, but rather preserving the Union. He is quoted as saying that if he could preserve the Union by freeing the slaves he would do that, and if he could preserve the Union by not freeing the slaves he would do that. Slavery was and is wrong. But the 10th Amendment did and does allow for states to secede from the Union. If it comes to that again, and if the Lord tarries it may, we need to use wisdom and expect that the Federal Government likely will not allow states to secede from the Union just like 150+ years ago. Even so Lord Jesus come.

~ Pester Brat
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10 Reasons Why We Being Poisoned

10 Reasons Why We Are Being Poisoned

Do I think we are being poisoned? In the opinion of this writer, the answer is yes.
Why would I say such a thing? Well, I have done a lot of reading over the years
and have been trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together. I have actually thought
this for a couple of years or so, and may have a Blog article about it some where.
But here are 10 Reasons why I think we are being poisoned:

1. Water: There is all kinds of toxic substances and pharmaceutical drugs in our
water supply. No one should be drinking tap water without a decent water filter.
But most water filters will not remove the fluoride that most municipalities
add. The fluoride that is added is derived from waste. There are warning labels
on the 55 gallon drums that store it. While it is debatable on whether fluoride
really helps our teeth in the long run, it was intended to go in toothpaste that
would be spit back out, not ingested with water along with sugary drinks and 

Christian Discussions and Chem-Trails

What a title, huh? I just didn't want to post these separately :-).

This morning as we were sending off our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, there was a Chem-Trail right over us in the sky. Have you heard of Chem-Trails? They are chemicals being put in the sky to supposedly help with so called global warming  :-). Sadly, too many people still think this is a conspiracy theory. For those that do, I recommend you just put that in a search engine and see what comes up and just start reading. They come from the exhaust of commercial airliners, but they are not the same as "contrails." Contrails dissipate and follow the plane. Chem-trails stick around. They have certain chemicals in them (Aluminum and Barium are two of them if I recall correctly) and they just add to the list of toxins that our bodies absorb and endanger or health. If more people would pay attention and communicate with our elected officials at all levels perhaps we could put a stop to this Lord willin…

Possible Cancer Cure?

There is a product out that may very well cure various types of Cancer. It does not require a prescription, does not involve radiation or chemotherapy, and is not a drug.

If you do a search on the internet, you should find information that Intravenous Vitamin C can cure various types of Cancer. The problem is that it is not a FDA approved. In the opinion of this Blogger, the FDA won't approve it because they are in cahoots with Big Pharma, the AMA, and the ACS. If it cannot be patented and make millions off of it, it seems that it does not get approved most of the time. So it is hard to find a doctor that will do this.

Only a fraction of regular Vitamin C is absorbed by your body, and if you try to take mega doses, it will likely keep you in the Potty for a while ;-).

The good news is that there is a form of Vitamin C out there that alleges can be taken in mega doses and not send you to the Potty  :-). It is Liposomal Encapsulated Liquid Vitamin C. I have been taking this product my…

Return of a Blogger

Well, after almost 14 years of pastoring churches in three states with the exception of about seven months when we first moved to Central Alabama, I will no longer be pastoring as of the first Sunday in May 2012. With that, I will be returning to posting about various issues and concerns that I hope will work in conjunction with Facebook and a return to local television and the internet with The Pester Brat Report. May the Lord be glorified, and His people and His creation be edified.