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"The Diary of a Madman, OR...I've Got a Dream" by Bret Lovitz

The Diary of a Madman, OR...
I've Got a Dream

We certainly live in an interesting time as Christians. On one hand, we don't come anywhere close to the persecution that Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and the rest of the early church faced. We don't even come close to what the Reformers, Puritans, and many current Christians in places like China and Islamic countries go through.

Yet, in these finite temples where sin still dwells, we are victims of our culture. At least I think that I am. The first part of the title of this article, blog, what ever you want to call it, I heard somewhere. Without racking my brain (which would hurt), I can't remember if it is a title of a book, article, movie, or what? The second part or alternate title, I'm sure most of us have heard came from the lips of Martin Luther King Jr. (whom I'm neither condoning or accusing in this writing).

Please bear with me in my folly as I dream, wish, rant, complain, grumble, etc. about issues regarding the …

The Witch Hunt Against Gun Owners By Michelle Malkin

The Witch Hunt Against Gun Owners
By Michelle Malkin Commentary
March 21, 2007

"The Second Amendment," Charlton Heston used to say, "is America's first freedom." The Second secures the rest.

It's a message narcissistic journalists need to hear again. A decade ago, Heston chastised the media in a National Press Club speech for its collective ignorance, apathy and open hostility toward gun owners' rights:

"Clearly, too many have used freedom of the press as a weapon not only to strangle our free speech, but to erode and ultimately destroy the right to keep and bear arms as well. In doing so you promoted your profession to that of constitutional judge and jury, more powerful even than our Supreme Court, more prejudiced than the Inquisition's tribunals. It is a frightening misuse of constitutional privilege, and I pray that you will come to your senses and see that these abuses are curbed."

Alas, Heston's prayers have yet to be answer…

"Don't Give Spiritual Custody of Your Children to The Church" By Ray Baumann

Don't Give Spiritual Custody of Your Children to The Church

By Ray Baumann

America saw the days of manufacturing leave us some time ago. We live in a truly global economy. Look at the labels on your clothes right now. My shoes were made in China, my shirt in India, and my pants in Macau. Pick up a few items around you and see where they were made. My assumption is that most were made in China. Does America make anything? There are few things for which Americans actually have to labor to make anymore. I guess we figure why make the effort if someone else will do it for half the cost? All in the name of cheap labor.

I want to address another outsourcing epidemic happening in our churches. I know you’re trying to figure this out. No, I’m not talking about bringing in preachers from overseas and paying them less money than your current pastor. I’m talking about the church taking away responsibilities (labor) from parents.

Before you proceed, remember who is writing this; a father of four …

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Say Homosexuality Is Not Immoral

Clinton, Obama: Homosexuality 'Not Immoral'
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
March 16, 2007

( - Senators Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.) responded on Thursday to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace's comments that homosexual behavior is "immoral," but only after they were criticized for failing to do so by a homosexual advocacy group.

"Well, I've heard from a number of my friends, and I've certainly clarified with them any misunderstanding that anyone had, because I disagree with General Pace completely," Clinton told Bloomberg News. "I do not think homosexuality is immoral."

Also on Thursday, Obama released a statement on the issue. "I do not agree with General Pace that homosexuality is immoral," the Illinois Democrat noted. "Attempts to divide people like this have consumed too much of our politics over the past six years."

The remarks by the 2008 presidenti…

Furor over Baptist's Gay-baby Article (Mohler)

Furor over Baptist's gay-baby article
AP National Writer

NEW YORK --The president of the leading Southern Baptist seminary has incurred sharp attacks from both the left and right by suggesting that a biological basis for homosexuality may be proven, and that prenatal treatment to reverse gay orientation would be biblically justified.

The Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr., one of the country's pre-eminent evangelical leaders, acknowledged that he irked many fellow conservatives with an article earlier this month saying scientific research "points to some level of biological causation" for homosexuality.

Read the rest at:

"Hate Crime Legislation Will Target Your Freedom of Speech" By Tom DeWeese Commentary

Hate Crime Legislation Will Target Your Freedom of Speech
By Tom DeWeese Commentary
March 09, 2007

A battle has been raging during the opening months of the 110th Congress over proposed Hate Crime legislation. The main bill currently before the House is H.R. 254, titled, "The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act," introduced by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX).

Opposition is growing to the legislation because hate crime laws would make certain types of speech a federal offense, allowing federal "thought police" to interfere in the law enforcement authority of states and local government. Such interference is blatantly unconstitutional.

HR. 254 would require every state to pass and enforce "anti-hate" laws, making it a federal crime to express bias against specifically federally protected groups. Some hate laws have been interpreted to mean documents like the Bible are hate literature and preaching from it is hate speech.

Nowhere was this more clearly s…

"That’s so gay’ prompts a lawsuit" (

While I do not agree with Mormon Doctrine, that they are a cult and need the gospel, there is definetly a double standard here.

Updated: 7:41 p.m. MT Feb 28, 2007

SANTA ROSA, Calif. - When a few classmates razzed Rebekah Rice about her Mormon upbringing with questions such as, "Do you have 10 moms?" she shot back: "That's so gay."

Those three words landed the high school freshman in the principal's office and resulted in a lawsuit that raises this question: When do playground insults used every day all over America cross the line into hate speech that must be stamped out?

After Rice got a warning and a notation in her file, her parents sued, claiming officials at Santa Rosa's Maria Carillo High violated their daughter's First Amendment rights when they disciplined her for uttering a phrase "which enjoys widespread currency in youth culture," according to court documents.

Go here for the rest of the article...…

A Series of Posts About God's Election By Brian Mann (

How Did Jesus Respond to a Question About Election?

And someone said to Him, "Lord, are there just a few who are being saved?" And He said to them, "Strive to enter through the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. (Luke 13:23-24)

Now consider with me what Jesus could have said. He could have answered, yes, a few and left it at that. He could have not answered, remaining silent on the issue. But he does neither. Rather, Jesus instead of answering the obvious (I.e. what he had already preached) he says “Strive to enter!” This man along with others according to Robertson Word Pictures…had an academic theological problem, namely, the number of the elect. How does Jesus answer? He propounds the importance of perseverance and even pain if necessary in the striving to be saved. The word “strive” means to agonize; it speaks of contending for a prize in the games. The word is kindred to the agony that Christ experienced in the Garden of Geths…