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E-Mail Response to What Happened in Idaho

I friend and brother in Christ asked me what happened with the Church in Idaho and said there was nothing on either of my 2 Blogs. So I thought I'd use the response to him and post it on here. I forgot to mention in the below e-mail that the church being sovereign grace, expository preaching, and no separate children's church service, cost us some folks too.

I removed the personal references and a paragraph that was not relevant. Here it is, thank you:

Heyyyy Xxxxx.

The church in Idaho? When I got there we were averaging around 45 in attendance on Sunday mornings. It was about half Air Force personnel. As they gradually transferred out, we didn’t get others back in like had happened in the past before I got there supposedly. The founding pastor was a retired air force pilot but my other two elders said they didn’t think that brought people in but may have helped some other air force families stay once they visited and found out. It was town of about16,000 if you include those tha…