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A Blog Article by Alan Stang- Reducing America: So It Can Be Merged

Interestingly, I have been having si8milar thoughts and shared them today at work adding that this may be why they are allowing such a hugr national debt. I mean, come on people, how do you think this debt will be taken care of? Hmm? :-) PB

Reducing America: So It Can Be Merged

As I write, the treason Senate – under intense pressure from Communist world government traitor Smirk W. Bush – is preparing to pass the legislation that will legalize the present invasion of these united States. So here let me repeat something I have said many times, which nevertheless deserves repetition even more because it is so little mentioned, even by our friends.

The goal of the conspirators from the beginning has been to submerge and dissolve our country in a totalitarian socialist world government they would run. But they had a problem. Go back to World War II. When it ended, these united States indisputably comprised the most powerful country on earth.

Unlike most of the other particip…