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The Government, Economy, Constitution, Conspiracy Theories, Etc

I haven't had a personal post in quite some time now. There has been a lot going on in our country that I think would be wise to address. I am at times misunderstood by a few so let me make a few statements before I proceed:

1. I am neither a Republican or Democrat and don't think that our current problems are the fault of the current administration alone.

2. I am not a racist. I did not vote for President Obama because he is too liberal among other things, not because of his skin color. I agree with much that Alan Keyes holds to and may very well have voted for him if he was on the recent ballot.

3. I do not believe all conspiracy theories are true and don't know if any of them are true. I post some of the videos and articles in that catagory for information, consideration, and as a 'just in case it's could happen' scenario.

Having said these things though, I think someone would have to have their 'head in the sand' to not believe that there are serious problems that will most likely bring about some major changes to our way of life. I have been doing what I can to prepare my family for a 'worse case scenario' with our economy and government. I don't advocate a violent revolution but I also don't think we as Christian Citizens are required to submit to the government if they are not following the Constitution of the United States since they have sworn to uphold it.

I think the signs and conditions exist for a major economic collapse and think it's possible that it's what the 'powers that be' want. While greed abounds with many, power and control is even a greater desire by many. They seem to want a one world government that would begin with or include a North American Union, and they have been concerned about population growth for a while now. According to the U.S. Debt Clock ( we are over 12.1 TRILLION dollars in debt as a nation, which breaks down to over 39K per citizen and over 111K per taxpayer. Come on people, what do we think this will come to? China is our biggest creditor nation, and it is not easy to find products that are not made in China with the exception of food.

I think that most of of our elected officials (regardless of party affiliation) need to be voted out of office and that we need to repent of our 'two party system' mentality. I don't think capitalism is a perfect system, but socialism just won't work in a sin cursed society. I think patriotism is good, right and important, but I also think that some blur the line of Christianity and Patriotism.

I do believe that Christians have a responsibility and privilege to be active in the poitical process since God in His providence has ordained our type of government. But I don't believe that worship services should be replaced with political pep rallies. If Christians cooperating with other religions and groups prevent them from sharing the gospel with them, then they shouldn't work with them in my opinion. I think we should return to or continue to legislate morality but it is only the gospel accompanied by regeneration of the Holy Spirit that will change hearts, lives and society.

As Christians, we should continue to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and look forward to being with Him for eternity. This world is not our home, we are just a passin' through :-). We are ambassors for Christ here and citizens of Heaven. Indeed, we are in the world but not to be of the world. But we are IN THE WORLD. We do what we can when we can by the grace of God, while realizing that God is in sovereign control and has His plans and purposes. Most Christians have probably been influenced by our culture almost as much if not just as much as non Christians. I think that pastors and Christians should inform and try to prepare people for what may be coming, just in case it indeed does happen. And by the way, I also don't think that if these things do happen to our country, it means it's necessarily 'Rapture time.' This is our country and I love it under God. But we are not better than any other country that has gone or is going through times of tribulation. Remember, God's word does say we will have tribulation.

Thank you for reading, and may God continue to bless His own.

Brother Bret Lovitz


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