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Return of a Blogger

Well, after almost 14 years of pastoring churches in three states with the exception of about seven months when we first moved to Central Alabama, I will no longer be pastoring as of the first Sunday in May 2012. With that, I will be returning to posting about various issues and concerns that I hope will work in conjunction with Facebook and a return to local television and the internet with The Pester Brat Report. May the Lord be glorified, and His people and His creation be edified.


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"What Pastors Wish Deacons Knew" By Derek Gentle

This article was referred to me by a brother in Christ, and is no reflection whatsoever of Grace Fellowship and our Deacons. As a matter of fact, most of it doesn't apply, and this type of thing is often the result of giving Deacons in baptist and other churches more authority in the church than the bible gives. This is for the general benefit of those who read, and for the glory of God

What Pastors Wish Deacons Knew

by Derek Gentle

I appreciate you more than you know
There is not a greater blessing in a pastor's life than a godly deacon who loves the Lord and loves the Word of God. I feel that I couldn't have a more wonderful relationship with them. I wish every pastor were so blessed. Just looking out in the service and seeing you there is an encouragement. Knowing you are praying for me motivates me. Knowing you share the vision of a growing, evangelistic church and impacting our community challenges me to my best efforts! God bless you godly deacon. You are appreciated!