Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Christian Discussions and Chem-Trails

What a title, huh? I just didn't want to post these separately :-).

This morning as we were sending off our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, there was a Chem-Trail right over us in the sky. Have you heard of Chem-Trails? They are chemicals being put in the sky to supposedly help with so called global warming  :-). Sadly, too many people still think this is a conspiracy theory. For those that do, I recommend you just put that in a search engine and see what comes up and just start reading. They come from the exhaust of commercial airliners, but they are not the same as "contrails." Contrails dissipate and follow the plane. Chem-trails stick around. They have certain chemicals in them (Aluminum and Barium are two of them if I recall correctly) and they just add to the list of toxins that our bodies absorb and endanger or health. If more people would pay attention and communicate with our elected officials at all levels perhaps we could put a stop to this Lord willing.

Christians discussing church issues and theology has changed over the years. We have let the world's view of "tolerance" and "political correctness" infiltrate the church, let alone emotions and concern about offending one another. Add to this cell phone texting and social media, so we do need to use godly wisdom. We are to communicate with one another in a Christ-like manner. We should be careful as not to say things in text, email, or social media that we would not face to face or in church. The flip-side to that is that we be careful not to try to read emotions and motives into text as well. Our Lord Jesus Christ was meek in His earthly ministry but not a wimp. We are not Jesus of course, but think of what some others in Scripture said as well. Yes, we speak the truth in love, but that does not mean we are to avoid speaking the truth. We are to earnestly contend for the Faith, and we have to deal with issues within our local churches. Let's get some backbones brothers and sisters, but indeed Christ-like backbones :-). Love y'all!

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