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10 Reasons Why We Being Poisoned

10 Reasons Why We Are Being Poisoned

Do I think we are being poisoned? In the opinion of this writer, the answer is yes.
Why would I say such a thing? Well, I have done a lot of reading over the years
and have been trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together. I have actually thought
this for a couple of years or so, and may have a Blog article about it some where.
But here are 10 Reasons why I think we are being poisoned:

1. Water: There is all kinds of toxic substances and pharmaceutical drugs in our
water supply. No one should be drinking tap water without a decent water filter.
But most water filters will not remove the fluoride that most municipalities
add. The fluoride that is added is derived from waste. There are warning labels
on the 55 gallon drums that store it. While it is debatable on whether fluoride
really helps our teeth in the long run, it was intended to go in toothpaste that
would be spit back out, not ingested with water along with sugary drinks and 
sweet tea that use tap water. This writer just ordered a filtered water pitcher that
just came out that removes fluoride, and I encourage everyone that reads this to
do the same. We have also been drinking bottled spring water because that is
supposed to have little or no fluoride in it. Just contact me and I will get you
the information on the new water pitchers if you're interested.

2. Aspertame: You know, that artificial sweetner that is in all kinds of diet
drinks and foods. Bad news folks! Don't just take my word for it, do your own
research. Really, any artificial sweetner is bad for you because anything that
is not a natural food is toxic to our bodies. But in my opinion, Aspertame is at
the top of the list of artificial sweetners.

3. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): This is a concentrated salt that is added to
various foods to enhance flavoring, that many food manufacturers hide by using
other terms including but not limited to Natural Flavoring and Carrageenan. It
is added to most snack foods and a lot of restaurant foods. It is not good for
you and should be avoided if possible. Again, do your own research if you don't
believe me  :-).

4. Chem-Trails: What-trails, you may be thinking? This one for some reason really
irritates me. These so-called Chem-Trails are toxic chemicals that are being
sprayed up in the sky supposedly in the name in slowing or stopping global
warming. Yes, global warming! You know, that problem that our planet is
supposedly having that is so rediculous and that Al Gore is still preaching about.
These very toxic chemicals are being sprayed all over the country and can be seen
even though most Americans think it is just normal contrail from jet airplanes IF
they even notice. Contrails don't linger and follow the plane, whereas chem-trails
stay in the sky. What I also think is very interesting and telling, is that these chem-trails
are even showing up in animated movies in an attempt to make it look normal. Each
State's elected leaders need to put a stop to the spraying of these chemicals that are
carcinogenic and God knows what else they may be doing to our bodies.

5. Artificial Food Coloring: Yes, even this seemingly innocent act of making
various foods and deserts pleasing to the eye, is bad for you and can cause
cancer if they don't use a natural food coloring.

6. Toxic Pesticides and Fertilizers: Very bad for us. There are natural
alternatives that can be used.

7. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): They think it is helping our food
supply, but from what I'm reading it is making it worse. The GMOs are not good
for us either. And when a state tries to pass laws to show GMOs on labels, the
corporations affected go on an all-out campaign to scare voters into voting no.

8. Brominated Vegetable Oil: I don't know why they are putting this in various sodas but they are. It used to be in Mountain Dew, but I think they finally agreed to stop. But check the label because I don't think they took the ones that contain it off the shelves and it could be that they have not all been consumed yet. It is very deceptive to call it any kind of vegetable oil and this so-called vegetable oil contains the same ingredient that is used in Flame Retardants. Just a week ago (Jan.2015) I saw this listed in two different kinds of fruit flavored drinks. As with other chemicals, this is not good for your body and should be avoided. If you want to drink sugary drinks, there should be enough out there that does not use this toxic ingredient.

9. Vaccinations: I don't know if they are all bad or not. But as one person recently commented, they have increased exponentially over the years. It's bad enough when they but the strain of the virus in you to try to immunize someone, but they often add very toxic chemicals such as mercury. There is no proof they such vaccinations really help and there may even be research to the contrary. There is also a link between various vaccines and autism. And do you remember the H1N1 virus and when they pushed that dangerous vaccination on us? Well a couple of years ago they just added it to the flu shot. They told us about it at first and then we didn't hear any more about it, so I don't know if it is still in the flu shot and they just don't tell us anymore or if they took it out of the flu shot. It would be wise to find out first. This writer take mega doses of Vitamin D3 almost every day. It is not only good for your heart and fighting free radical and cancer cell, it is also said that a flu shot may not be necessary. Speaking for myself, I have not gotten the flu ever since I have been taking 5000 to 15000 IUs of Vitamin D3 almost daily.

10. Prescription Drugs: Anything that is not a natural food is toxic and possibly carcinogenic to our bodies. Do we pay attention to the side affects mentioned with the various prescription drugs? Even over-the-counter drugs? There are many natural alternatives available to help with even serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and more. The problem is that the AMA, ACS, Big Pharma, and even the FDA, are in cahoots with each other because it seems it is more about greed and control than helping people. And if there is any truth to the conspiracy theory, it is really about reducing population growth and dumbing down the populace.

There are of course other ways that we are being poisoned whether it is intentional or not. I have trouble accepting that the FDA and companies that produce this stuff don't know what it is doing to our bodies. And I don't always practice what I preach regarding some of the ten things mentioned above. It is true that we are all going to die sooner or later and spend an eternity somewhere. The most important thing is if we have been saved from penalty of our sins through the perfect life, sufficient sacrifice, and glorious resurrection of the God-man Jesus the Christ. Are you trusting in the Persona and Finished Work of Christ with a repentant faith. God has numbered our days, and I'm a firm believer that those days are fixed. But God also ordains the means as well as the end, and our "quality of life" can still affected be affected these "10 Reasons" and more. Most if not all of our diseases are a result of unnatural foods and substances we put in our bodies and the lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals in our bodies. I am no expert! I have just been doing a lot od reading and online research since I was diagnosed with a non aggressive form of prostate cancer in April 2011. I hope this brief article will be a help and blessing to others.


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